Why You Must Use Your Phone Without Cover

It has always been an argument whether or not to use mobile cover in our phones. For some people, there are some disadvantages of using phone covers. One of those is that cover of the phone usually affect its performance. Whenever your phone heats, it can adjust itself. However, increasing heat can compensate for the lowering down of your phone’s performance. Hence, if your phone is heating too much and the heat gets trapped because of the cover, it will certainly  lower the speed of your phone’s performance.

Another reason why people don’t use phone covers is that it lowers the charging speed of the device. You might always notice that every time you charge your phone, you will see that it heats a lot. This case would become worse when you have a phone cover. Not only it affects your phone’s performance but it also lowers the charging speed of your phone. The reason for this is because of the higher current rate that usually results to more heating issues. Relatively, overheating because of phone covers can also affect the life of your battery. Since smartphone is always under heat, it also affects the battery. This is also the reason why some people recommend using a reliable phone cover such us realme 7 back covers. Signal issues is another problem that phone users usually experience when they use a phone cover. Basically, our phones use radio waves in order to communication. Therefore, signals of this communication wont be able to travel effectively if there are barriers in your phone and the cover is usually one of those. Yes, there are also some disadvantages of using phone covers but you also have to consider that there are also advantages of it It is important that you know how to balance them all.