What Not to Do on a Blind Date

Dates come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you will find yourself on a date with a person whom you have literally known your entire life. Other times it might be someone whom you have recently met and with whom you are still in the process of building a friendship. At still other times you may meet up with someone whom you do not know at all, or only have had very few interactions with. In such cases, you will need to add a few cautions to ensure that you, as a woman, will remain safe.

Sadly, women are very vulnerable when it comes to being victims of violent crimes, especially sexual assaults and date rape. At the same time, you cannot be hiding out in your home, unwilling to or petrified of setting foot outside your door. The trick is to avoid certain situations that spell trouble while setting yourself up for a successful date in the meantime. Here are some safety tips for women on what not to do on a blind date!

Do not go blind into the situation. So Aunt Helga thinks that you guys will hit it off marvelously. Great! Ask her what makes her so sure that you and the mystery man will click. Pump her for as much information as she can give you, including the name of his employer, how long he has held down the job, if he is divorced, and various other details of his personal life. Do not consider this gossiping but instead a medium for forming your opinion of this individual. If he sounds unstable and seems to have a history of relationship break ups, it does not matter that he is nice to little old ladies like Aunt Helga, the odds are good that you do not want to date him.

Do not let someone guilt you into meeting in person too soon. For example, if you have met a wonderful man over the Internet, do not give in if he insists that you should meet in person within just a few days of emailing one another back and forth. Wait until you feel comfortable. If he is so eager and does not want to wait, maybe he needs to move on to someone who is more desperate than you to meet. Take your time until you feel you know him a bit better. Discuss some controversial topics – politics and religion are always guaranteed to get a rise out of someone – and see how he handles dissent. If he suddenly resorts to name calling, belittling you or others who do not share his opinion, or begins to preach, you know what you are in for and can take it from there.

Do not rely on your blind date for transportation. Instead, have cab fare or bus money stashed away. It is best if you are independent in this respect so that you do not have to worry if he keeps asking the waiter for a refill of his wine glass at dinner. Do not drink alcohol. It is a well known fact that the first thing affected by booze is the ability to form sound judgments.

Booze will only lead to you getting carried away where you forget the sense of right and wrong as it completely distills your fear and moral code and leads you to believe that anything you do is right and your insolent behavior will make your date uncomfortable and before you realize it, the last nail in the coffin will be hammered and you won’t even have time to repent on it. For safety sakes, do consult the okcupid dating app to get some general tips on how to manage blind dates.

While ordinarily you would never consent to getting into a virtual stranger’s car and taking a drive up to the mountains to look at the stars, under the influence of a few drinks this may sound like a great idea! Speaking of drinks, do not leave your drink – whatever it may be – unattended.