What Are The Various Types Of The Pokemon Available During Events?

The Pokémon Go Searching for Legends event is here, and it’s time to hunt down the legendary Pokémon of your dreams. If you’re new to the game or haven’t played in a while, this is also a great moment to catch up on what’s going on with all the latest updates.

Searching for Legends event quest tasks and rewards explained

The event starts today at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET) and runs until July 8, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT (4:59 a.m. ET). During that period, you’ll be able to unlock special Legendary Pokémon, including Mewtwo and Xerneas, as well as various other rewards like Pokéball TMs and Ultra Balls.

There are two parts to the event:

Special quests that will reward you with various items like Pokéballs, Ultra Balls, and Incense

Raid battles where you can encounter Raid Bosses and other higher-ranked trainers who will drop rarer versions of Pokémon from previous generations

So far, we’ve only seen one of these events, but there could be more to come. In fact, it seems likely that the game will continue to hold special events throughout the rest of the year, so make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Here’s a quick look at everything you need to know about the Searching for Legends event, both now and in the future.

What are the special quest tasks?

As mentioned above, the main part of the event is a series of special Quest tasks that will give you the opportunity to get some cool stuff.

These quests will require you to capture three different types of Pokémon during a 24-hour period. You’ll receive items based on how many you catch, and the type they are — for example, if you capture a Dark type, you’ll automatically get an item related to Dark Pokémon. These items include Incense, which allows you to catch any Pokémon nearby (for free), a Pokéball TM, which turns your normal Pokéballs into ultra balls, and Rare Candy, which increases the chance of getting a Shiny Pokémon.

You’ll have to complete each task every day to earn the respective badge, and you’ll have to do this even if you already completed the same mission the day before. So, even if you’ve already caught a certain number of Pokémon in the past, you still have to go through the motions to unlock the badge.

Each day, the event will feature different types of tasks, such as catching specific Pokémon, capturing certain numbers of them, or visiting specific areas. For example, yesterday’s task was called “Catch 100 Pokémon,” while tomorrow’s might be “Capture 10 Pokémon of 5 different species.”

Which Pokémon are available during the event?

This is the big question with regards to the event, right? What Pokémon are actually available during the event? Well, the short answer is that it depends on when you started playing the game. If you downloaded the app just after it launched, then you won’t see any legendary Pokémon yet because those were only added sometime later.

If you started playing the game after April 12, then you should have access to the following Legendary Pokémon:







If you play the game regularly since launch, then you likely have access to all of those listed above, as well as several others that aren’t shown here. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to have all of these in your collection to participate in the event, but it does help a little bit. For example, if you don’t have Deoxys, then you won’t be able to catch it, but you can still use Incense to lure it near you.

However, if you didn’t download the game until May 13, then you can only get these five legendary Pokemon:





Again, depending on when you first downloaded the game, you may not be able to catch all of those, but it certainly helps to have all of the legendaries. As a matter of fact, there are several Legendaries that are exclusive to this event — check out our list of those below.

How do I level up my Pokémon?

When you enter a battle, you have the option to send out your entire team to fight. This has the effect of leveling your Pokémon up and increasing their CP, allowing you to challenge stronger opponents. However, you don’t necessarily want to send out your entire team every time, so you can increase the strength of your opponents by sending Pokémon that are weaker, but still viable, against them.

To do this, you need to make your team full. To start off, you’ll want to bring along a Pidgey, Rattata, Pikachu, and Bulbasaur. These four Pokémon are the easiest to catch, and you’ll generally find them within a mile of your home location.

After that, you’ll want to bring along a Squirtle, Charmander, or Charizard to round out your core team. These three Pokémon are the next easiest to catch. They can be found pretty much anywhere, but you’ll probably find them closer to your home location than the others.

Finally, you’ll want to bring along either a Wartortle or Blastoise to finish off your lineup. These two Pokémon are the most powerful, but you’ll have a hard time finding them, especially the Wartortle. They tend to hang around water sources, so you’ll need to make sure you pay attention to the map to locate them.

Once you have your core team together, you’ll want to try challenging your friends. This is another good way to level up your Pokémon, so you shouldn’t hesitate to invite them over to join you for a battle.

If you don’t feel like battling anyone, though, you can always just train your Pokémon using your own method. You can use Incense to catch any Pokémon nearby, and then you can put them in your party to train without taking them out of play mode. After a couple of hours, you can release them back into the wild, and they’ll return to the nearest Pokéstop once they land back.

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