Towing Services – What To Do When Your Vehicle is Being Towed?

If your vehicle is being towed, be it any reason, you need to stay calm and follow a few crucial steps in order to make sure that it is safe. Here are the instructions you have to follow when you see that the authorities are towing your car right in front of your eyes. Take a look – 

  • You need to call your insurance agent first. Make sure that your agency is aware of the incident. Even if it is after work hours. They will tell you how you should proceed with the next step. In some cases they may even send one of their agents for your help as well.
  • Find out which kind of problems your vehicle is facing. It can be anything. But here are a few things you need to double check – if the vehicle is leaking any fluid, if the headlights and taillights are working, are all of your mirrors intact, or is there any problem with the steering and braking?.
  • Take close up pictures of your vehicle if it has met an accident. Take a lot of pictures of the damage that has been incurred and also of the site where the accident has taken place. Also, don’t forget to take pictures of your interior. This will help you to claim insurance.

  • Make sure to sign and read all the paperwork before sending it. You will be presented with an itemized invoice to review. All the details of the crash/ damage needs to be mentioned there. Read it well and authorize the tow truck driver to take your vehicle.

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