Tips Saving Money Wedding – Explore the tips 

Having a beautiful wedding but not spending a fortune is possible. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, here are some great tips to make your dollar go further.

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Find A Cheap Wedding Dress

There are some great ways to find the dress you want at a bargain price. Look for discount wedding dresses or cheap wedding dresses online. Consider renting a wedding dress. There are many shops that offer wedding dress rentals and this can be a great way to save money on your wedding dress. Click to check out our wedding dress shop.

Find Affordable Wedding Decorations

There are some beautiful but affordable ways to decorate for your wedding. Opt for a candlelight ceremony which will be cheap but elegant at t he same time. Or find discount wedding decorations online. This is another great way to save money on your wedding decorations. Check out our wedding decorations shop to find great deals on wedding decorations!

Cut Down Your Guest List

The basic rule for the guest list is don’t invite anyone you don’t keep in touch with. If you haven’t talked to someone within the last three years or so then don’t add them to the guest list. Don’t feel that you have to invite everyone from work or let single guests bring dates. Also, don’t fell pressured to let your people bring their children. By cutting down your guest list you will save on favors, catering costs, centerpieces and more.

Save Money On Postage

It may seem like a small thing, but the postage for your wedding invitations and response cards can add up and can be a great way to cut back on wedding costs. Instead of putting a response card with a stamped envelope inside your invitations, have guests RSVP online or by email. This is a great way to save money on your wedding.

Be Creative

Find ways to make things yourself. Make your own wedding invitations, centerpieces, or favors. Have friends help you and it will take no time at all, saving you a bundle of money!

Pick A Different Day Of The Week

Saturdays are the most popular day for having a wedding. This also makes them the most expensive for wedding rentals and vendors. By having your wedding on a Friday night or a Sunday you could save yourself some money on your wedding.

Save Money On Food And Drinks

Having a buffet can be less expensive than a seated dinner. Also, choose a less expensive menu to save money. Instead of having a full bar, serve an inexpensive wine during dinner.

Find Cheap Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be costly, so finding cheap wedding invitations can really help you cut back on wedding costs. Look for discount wedding invitations online or find a do it yourself invitation kit and make them yourself.