Three android app tools that you must have on your mobile phone

With the development in the mobile phone industry, more and more people are entering into the applications’ development. According to the requirements and easing down the tasks of the ordinary people, many tools are made. The below mentioned is the list of the tools that a person should always have in their mobile phone no matter who they are.

  • Internet speed tester

The very first and essential tool according to the requirement of the time is the internet speed testing tool. The main reason everyone should have this tool on their mobile phone is that everything we do nowadays depends on the internet. That is why the sped of the internet that we are getting must be high.

Now to check that the internet speed that our phone is receiving, we need this tool. According to that, we can complain regarding any network and report issues to correct the speed.  

  • VPN 

The VPN is the next important tool that is required by a person. The VPN is the tool through which one can enter the websites blocked by internet providers. Moreover, if a person wants uc browser official download n their mobile phones, they need the VPN to download and run the browser. The reason is that it is banned in many countries around the world. 

  • Conversion tools 

The next important tool; is the conversion tools through which a person can easily convert all their files in whatever format they want. There are many kinds of documents with which a person has to deal, and the most crucial part is that every other person demands a new format. If a person has these conversion tools on their mobile phone, they can easily convert the files and share them.