Things To Do For Avoiding Moldy Washing Machine Smell!

The washing machine is a great thing to choose for doing laundry and is really common in the household. The use of washing machines is done to the cleaning of the laundry, but it is washing machines have conditions for mold and bacteria growth. 

In case you encounter a musty smell in the washing machine, it might be a result of mold or growing bacteria in detergent dispensers. We are discussing things to do when you encounter a musty smell due to mold growth in the machine. 

Things to do for avoiding musty smell!

  • Use hot water for washing:

it is important for people to choose for hot water for washing.  Most homeowners choose cold water for energy saving, but to get rid of the detergent smell from the washer, it is better to wash with cold water. Hot water is helpful in killing bacteria growing in the washer and eradicating smell. The buildup of detergent and clothes softener can be controlled by hot water surely. 

  • Choose for machine-specific cleaning products:

you must have wondered what’s in finally fresh tablets? Well, fresh tablets and other cleaning products are specially designed for the washing machine to help with proper maintenance of the washer. Ensure that you are using proper products found, especially in the laundry section, for eradicating bacteria and foul smell from the washer. 

  • Remove debris from rubber seal:

washer with rubber seals need to be cleaned more often, so make sure you are cleaning them from time to time. All you need to do is wipe rubber seal with bleach-based cleanser or simple wipe to remove debris from rubber seal and avoid residue build-up. 

So, these are the helpful practice that can surely assist in removing the musty smell from your washing machine and helping you to maintain proper hygiene.