The Importance of an Internet Profile

In this article I will explain exactly why I think it is important to complete your digital profile as honestly as you possibly can. Next I will expand on why you should do this as soon as possible. Finally I will show you how I came to my conclusions about these predictions.

Social networking operates on many holistic levels. All of them have different incentives, and most of them relate to spending more time at your computer communicating with new and old friends: on a global scale. Much of the rotation of data is generated in the U.S.A. However more recently provided in China, Japan, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and even in Rome.

Some of these polysemic levels are listed as general profiling that is now including incentives of gaming, as well as the previous music and videos. Take Myspace as an example. You are all acquainted with myspace, who owns it, who created it plus all the large interest around it for young and old alike. Then there is an extension of this based on the education status, Facebook where dialogue seems to be more prominent or – of course in some cases highly public for access by those in the know. Then I would like to touch upon social dating of certain sites such as, before this Yahoo was very good at this until they folded their facilities. This dating can go into even more subversive sites such as Adult-friend finder that has an 18 rating and is more expensive to work with if you want what it actually offers. Many people have luck finding partners within this section of feeding profiles however I am not focusing on any of this here. Then of course there a blogs where people can adopt a topic and develop and share there expertise with the world, however they never will reach the audience a online newspaper can reach. After-all generating information is expensive!

So without going into any more detail of the many levels of creating a profile online, here is why a digital profile is really important, and be warned you may not like it. Soon we are all going to die, not necessarily our generation, maybe not even the next but picture the scene: We are all dead, bar a few groovy people. For a present example of this analogy take the merger with Google and Virgin called Virgil and there hopes of enrolling people to go outer-space forever. Then think of the film Wall E (If you haven’t seen it yet then please feel free to do so). Anyway it might be you, or someone else from your lineage who are on this ‘ship’.

Before the ship takes of everything on planet Earth is rosey, well ecologically it’s in a mess, the money is all gone and technology is the only thing left. All the tree’s that were not protected have been made into cardboard boxes. Rubbish is rampant and the oceans are all bubbly. Jobs are at an all time high however everybody knows something on an academic scale. Everyone is overqualified and electricity is generated without plugs or windmills. In this sense it is right for at least someone to get out of the Bronx. Should You Buy Instagram Followers? ¬†According to the experts, the Internet profile of the person should be excellent for an increase in the followers. The real followers will become the loyal customers of the business organization for a long period.

My golden nugget point is these travellers in there hundreds or thousands will soon get lonely in space, that is why it is important to create your profile, because it is these profiles, that will keep these people company – outside of their friendships in space suits. If all the profiles are accumulated correctly, then a good profile of many people will be remembered – within the confines of this space capsule. More importantly, it is this level that I underline the importance of bumping up your profiling and typing and texting because time is a running out.

If you don’t get knocked over soon then it could be some other scare that could decrease your chances of pimping your profile for the benefit of the history of Earth. Another good analogy of this is in the classic movie and TV series Planet of the apes. Another species with scientific and sociological knowledge which could reiterated with the analogy of Battle Star Galactica (A ship of Earth type characters), Star Trek or Andromeda . So anyway enough examples your on this ship and you want to meet some new people, well this information must come from somewhere what better place than from yourselves, right now, today.

So get plenty of pictures of you looking good, looking rough, from the back from above in your new car, or on your local bus at your church or in a Dojo, whatever just keep it real, some aliens will inevitably be studying the archives for hundreds of years, in-fact I’m quite sure it may even take longer to fully explore the internet’s wealth of information. That is why I hope our information is being recorded, however the argument here in Britain is on another level of detaching from this risky past time. This can be extended through the stories of risk of of being hacked. Hackers with hoods , or government controlling your every payment through the No ID campaign. I guess in relation to this I will have to digress. I hope if you are feeding your chip profile that the information is archived by reputable trusted servants of this cause after-all humankind should not go to waste, all the hard-work has been done and will hopefully continue on a physical level. But if it doesn’t then don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Hopefully in the near future, there will be a sim card or chip or memory box that can contain all the information and can be fitted onto the spaceship containing this information. Or even maybe we should blast a capsule out into space headed outside the universe to share the good times with another academic solar system. Away from the sun to another blue river of communication.