The Best Canopy Tents To Buy This 2021

Canopy tents are perfect for outdoor events because of their ability to be transported and erected easily. If you are looking for the perfect portable canopy umbrella for the beach or for any other location, we got you covered. In this article, we will some of the best portable canopy tents that you can use for any purpose. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. REI Co-op Screen House Shelter

This canopy tent is expertly designed to provide protection from the elements, such as moderate rain, sun heat, and bugs. Even though its design is somewhat non-appealing to the eye, the protection it provides makes up for it. It can be easily taken to the beach or other camping locations without fear of being invaded by bugs. Featuring a 6 pole structure, this tent has a measurement of 10 by 10 feet, one of the common canopy tent sizes. Weighting just below 13 pounds, this tent can be easily transported and set up in any location.

  1. L.L.Bean Woodlands Screen House

When it comes to size and pole structure, this canopy tent is not that different from our earlier pick. Having said that, it features a polyester fabric material that is more superior to nylon material. It is also much shorter in height than our earlier pick, which can be a pro or con depending on your preferences. The shorter vertical clearance can be a godsend in areas with less space, but it can be a con if you prefer a larger room.

The ripstop polyester used in L.L.Bean’s Woodlands Screen House makes it more immune to UV deterioration and absorbs a lesser amount of dampness compared to nylon.

This tent, including the poles, bags, and other accessories weights about 14 pounds, making it very easy to move around and transport.