The Basic Things To Know While Keeping Cichlids

Responsibilities to take care of

Keeping the aquarium involves a lot of responsibilities. It brings a positive vibe to the home but has to maintain care every time. You will have to know what food they eat, the best mates for them, what diseases it can get and a lot more. These pieces of information will help you to maintain the health of your little freshwater fishes. Every species has a set of diet that suits them in a particular climate.

Things to know when you keep Cichlids

People who like to keep the Electric Yellow Cichlids should know some things about their food and lifestyle. That will help them to live longer with better health. Let us have a look at those things.

  • They eat flake and live foods. Therefore, it is best to include the plants and animals in a balanced proportion for their diet. They will also eat blood worms and shrimps. Some people add Vitamins and Carotene food in their food. That helps in maintaining food quality.
  • When you keep these Cichlids in your aquarium, try to keep them away from the crabs and smaller fishes. They may harm them and even eat also. So bring in fishes like the Mbuna Fish as they are their best mates.
  • They can reproduce within six months. So keep many hiding spots in the tank to keep the shrimps safe from them.

Diseases that it can cause

People should know the illness it can cause and get those who want the Electric Yellow Cichlids in their fish tanks. They cannot survive in dirty quality water. You will have to provide enough amount of oxygen also. Excess amounts of minerals are also not the best for them. The water molds and protozoans can cause skin infections. You can cure them by keeping the temperature up to 30 degrees celsius for the tank. Copper-based medications are also a brilliant choice for them.