Staying Motivated To Gain Weight


The mind is a powerful tool and it’s amazing how much impact it can have on our workouts. It can easily be the difference between feeling that sense of accomplishment or utter failure. I can say from personal experience that when I visualize a specific lift, i.e. bench press before I do it, it becomes much easier to do when its time to do a lift.

Think of yourself doing a specific exercise. See yourself completing it without difficulty and feel your muscles working. Just doing this small thing between sets will have a great impact on your workout – for the better!

Another way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with inspirational people and those you look up to or admire – people that have accomplished the things you would like to achieve. In my workout area there are many pictures and posters of people that I admire and respect, including people in the natural bodybuilding and fitness industries. These are very useful like the MyPill when you feel like giving up or your mind simply tells you that you “can’t”. Look at those pictures, posters or whatever it may be and think about those sacrifices or accomplishments.

Music is also very important. Without music I think the world would be very boring. If you don’t care for what is playing in the gym then bring your own music. Make sure it’s music that you enjoy and keeps you in the mental state that you need to be in. After all, if you don’t enjoy the music chances are you won’t enjoy your workout. You’ll be surprised what dramatic effect this can have on those grueling workouts to gain weight or other fitness goals where you know you have to push your mind, body and spirit past the limit.

Surrounding yourself with positive energy and influences will always be a great boost for not only your fitness goals to gain weight for example, but for your personal life as well. I sincerely hope this article helps those that may just need a little kick in the right direction to get things going or to keep things going. Stay healthy!

Gaining weight might seem easy but is an impossible task for a few. The most essential thing is to surround yourself with inspiration people and well as keep people you admire together. Music is also crucial. Make sure you enjoy the music and keep yourself entertained while you workout. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and influences is a great boost to gain weight.