Smart Table For Lego Space Comes To Ikea: Here’s Where Certain Toy Bins Can Be Found

Everyone wants to inspire kids to build something they can dream and is one of the family-owned industry’s missions that create a table for lego, those plastic, primary-colored interlocking bricks. The trouble is those small pieces of construction scatter, and having to remove development to clear the table or ground will crush the spirit of an aspiring architect or engineer until they do. 

What is available now on LEGO STORES?

  • For LEGOS and other tiny toy parts, Amazon has various storage options, such as a 12-inch Romanoff container, including a building sheet on top. 
  • Bed, Bathroom & More has LEGO slab-shaped storage drawers that are 10 inches tall by 10 inches wide or 7 inches tall, and $40.99 (20 percent less if users sign up to be a member) for a three-drawer cabinet rack. Receive by submitting your email account 20 percent off every single object.
  • Three-tier containers with such a LEGO baseplate mostly on top, including three slide-out boxes, are available at the craft store. On orders of $75 or greater, delivery is guaranteed.
  • For $39.99, Wayfair does have a LEGO brick toy on discount. The plastic container can be mounted on a cabinet, shelves, or the ground and is 7 inches in height by 10 inches broad around 20 inches depth. LEGO storage formed like an action figurehead (on discount at $37.99) is also in the official online store. Enjoy free delivery with orders of more than $35. 
  • There are other ways to store small parts used to construct buildings (Hogwarts Astronomy skyscraper), methods of transport (Speed Champions), and concepts based on the coming years (Star Wars) before the highly awaited BYGGLEK set is published in 2 months.

Sum up

One method: IKEA collaborated with the LEGO Company to sell boxes, including a LEGO construction plate mostly on the cover and enter to see inside the package that otherwise shows the completed creations of children, and stores incomplete ones.