Shock Kits: Things You Need to Know

Simply explained, shock absorbers are described as oil pump like tools that assist in controlling the rebound movement and impact of the suspension and springs of your vehicle. Aside from smoothening vibrations and bumps, the main purpose of shock absorber is to make sure that the tires of your vehicle remain intact with the surface of the road at all times. This will guarantee a safe braking and control response from your vehicle. 

Basically, shock absorbers function through taking kinetic movement of the suspension of the car and then convert it to heat or also known as thermal energy. Afterwards, it is dissipated into the atmosphere through the mechanism of heart exchange. While this explanation may sound complicated, shock absorbers are actually just a simple concept. As stated earlier, shock absorbers are just oil pump . A piston is connected to the piston rod’s end and functions against the pump oil in the pressure tube. Another good thing about shock absorbers is that they automatically adjust to the road condition giving drivers a safe and protected way of driving.

It is also important to know the types of shock absorbers. Generally, all shock absorbers do the same function, however, different types of vehicles require different types of shock absorbers. Some of the common types include strut type , conventional telescopic, and spring seat. Strut type shock absorbers are divided into repairable and sealed units. Conventional telescopic sock absorbers are generally replaced rather than repaired. Lastly, spring seat shock absorbers possess both the features of strut type and telescopic types. It has a dumping device and suspension unit in one single component. It is also sealed requiring full replacement. 

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