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Want a New Job? Four Ways to Fix Your Resume

If a new job in 2008 is in your agenda (perhaps one of your revered ‘resolutions’) then your first order of business is to get your resume in shape.

The job market fluctuates. One expert might say it’s hot, and a good time to shop for a new job, and others might say it’s tight, and there’s a lot of competition to fight. Either way, the job of a human resources manager or associate can be frustrating enough, and weeding through stacks of resumes is no walk in the park.

You hear it time and time again; your resume is your first impression. No matter how qualified you are and how great you would be in any advertised position, nothing turns human resources off faster than an ugly, or unprofessional, resume. Through the info provided in the article, there will be finding of the convenient hrms for the business organizations. The understanding of the resume should be easy and simple for the enterprise. 

Here are some tips on how to present your resume and better your changes for an interview:

  • Just the facts, Ma’am. Just the facts

Have you ever tried to sell yourself by stating things on your resume such as, “I’m a hard worker and very loyal.” “I have excelled in every sales position I’ve held,” and wondered why you didn’t get the call? Well, the answer might be this simple – the person viewing the resume does not know you, and might just see this as fluff. Talk is cheap, right? Back up what you say. Instead, tell us what evidence you have of being a loyal, hard worker. Perhaps you had perfect attendance or near perfect attendance two years running. How do they know you’ve excelled at every sales job? Include information of what your quota was like and by what percentage you surpassed it.

  • Make it easy on the eyes

Uniformity is key. If you are listing your previous positions, list dates in the same format. Don’t list that you held one position from 4-10-03 to 2-07-07 and then the next 03/01 – 04/03. Also, if you begin by listing dates, followed by title, followed by responsibilities, do it the same way every time. If one job title is listed in bold, list them all in bold.

  • If you’re going to cheat, don’t be obvious

If you have trouble formatting a nice looking resume, and use a ready-made template, that’s fine. However, a resume copied and pasted from on to a Word document looks goofy, and a human resources professional knows what you’ve done. She sees plenty of resumes. It tells her that you’re lazy, and you don’t care about the presentation you offer her, again, upon your first impression.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Ok, so you really have a hard time putting a resume together – in fact, it’s the reason you don’t have a new job already. Don’t be ashamed to take advantage of resources available to help you. Many employment offices have personnel available just for this sort of thing. Some local schools and universities do too. If all else fails, there are professional resume writers who charge a reasonable fee to create your resume for you. If you hire someone, however, I suggest you ask to see samples first, or at least have the ability to view the finished product before you pay.

Keep in mind how important the resume is. It is the reason that you’ll be called for the interview instead of John Doe, and why you’ll be there in person instead of tucked away in the “not gonna call” file. Happy hunting.

Basic Brushes for Painting Models

Most miniature game companies such as Games Workshop and Privateer Press sell their own brands of brushes. Conveniently these are usually named after their purpose such as “basecoat brush” or “drybrush.” However, many people, including myself, believe that these game company brand brushes are often overpriced compared to the brushes of comparable quality found in art stores. Even if they aren’t actually overpriced, I firmly believe that a hobbyist should be educated about the tools he is going to be using and the options that are available beyond the limits of game company products. If you are looking for quality brushes and other tools then is one of the best options that you will find on the internet. With their quality and affordable products, you can easily hone your brushing skills. 

There are a multitude of brushes sizes available to the painter and the hobbyist and figuring out which ones are best to be used for painting miniatures can be a confusing task. Speaking from personal experience the range of variations of brush shapes and sizes can be very daunting to the beginning painter. In an attempt at making the task of choosing some basic beginner’s brushes simpler, I will explain the three basic brushes that I always have on hand when painting my 40k armies.

The smallest of these basic brushes is a Round, 10/0 or “ten-ought” size brush otherwise known as a “detail brush.” The tip of a 10/0 brush is so small and narrow that it doesn’t hold a great deal of paint nor do its strokes cover a large surface of the model, but it is able to apply paint to very small areas and hard-to-get-at locations on a model in a very controlled manner. I have found that it is best suited for painting the small details on a model such as eyes, belt buckles, rivets, buttons, etc.

The medium size brush is a Round size 1 brush or “basecoat brush” and is your mainstay for the painting work on a miniature. I use it for all of the painting done on a model with the exception of detail work. The tip holds more paint than the 10/0 and so is able to apply a large amount of paint in each stroke, and as a result, it is very useful for painting large portions of a model quickly and evenly.

The largest basic brush I always have on hand is a size 3 or 4 Round brush or “drybrush”, and is used for dry brushing the model. Drybrushing usually does not take the same amount of precision that the base coating and detail work does so the larger brush can make the work of dry brushing go by very quickly.

If you are going to be painting 40k vehicles as well, you’ll also want an additional size 3 or 4 brush that will not be used for dry brushing as dry brushing has a tendency to wear brushes out quickly. The larger size of these brushes will make painting the large sections of a vehicle much easier.

I hope that the little bit of wisdom I have gleaned through trial and error has been helpful to you, please feel free to contact me through e-mail with comments, suggestions, and questions.

Do Dogs Get Dandruff?

Humans aren’t the only ones who battle dandruff. A dog can experience the flaky dry skin condition as a result of improper grooming, by living in a dry environment, from lack of nutrition or when battling a parasitic infestation.

Dandruff — or dead skin cells — are most notable when the pet hasn’t been bathed in several months. The fine white flakes may appear on the surface of the pet’s coat, in its dog bed or in areas where the pet rests. Other symptoms of dry skin include brittle fur and a coat that lacks shine.

Grooming to Reduce Dandruff

While bathing the dog to remove dandruff flakes seems like the best way to reduce the skin condition, it can actually trigger reoccurring episodes. Bathing a dog too frequently strips moisturizing oils from its skin, causing dandruff to form. Bathe your pet once every two or three months. This allows the pet to build up natural skin moisturizing oils and reduces dry skin. When the pet requires a bath, use moisturizing dog shampoos that contain oatmeal, tea tree oil, olive oil or other moisturizing ingredients.

Between baths, brush the dog frequently. Routine brushing stimulates circulation in the pet’s skin, encourages fur growth and distributes moisturizing skin oils. Deodorizing sprays, fur shine sprays and moistened pet wipes keep the pet’s coat clean and odor-free between baths. During dry weather use a humidifier in the home to keep you pet’s skin moistened.

Poor Nutrition and Dandruff

Dehydration and lack of nutrients can precipitate dandruff production in dogs. Make sure the pet has access to clean, cool water at all times — even when crated. According to dandruff is a sign that the skin of your pet is not healthy. You might be using the wrong shampoo or product for them. Thus, it is necessary that you consult with a vet first if this issue still persists. 

When a dog is fed a diet low in proteins, it may have dry skin. Look at the ingredient list on your package of dog food. Meats, eggs and legumes should top the list. Also look for the addition of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that will nourish the dog from the inside out. When filler products with a low protein content such as corn or flour rank high on the ingredient list, the pet is more likely to have dry, poorly-nourished skin.

Review Of Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen (Snes)

This game is a classic Godzilla game made for fans of the SNES and fans of the Godzilla Series. It includes characters like Mothra, Godzilla himself, Rodan, Biollante which this his one and only game he’s in and many more! Single player is basicly fighint through the other monsters then fighting a version of Mecha Godzilla. The versus mode is usuable with certain Emulators and its HIGHLY recommended! Just to do a 2-D fighter against your best friend and woop Mothra in Tokyo is a complete joy! There are also some button combinations that allow for great moves and really good affects for a game on the SNES. This game was exclusive to Japan only so to be playing a great game and have some stuff translated in it is awesome.


With what I know about SNES games in the Godzilla Series is that they dont have really good graphics like the weird play in Super Godzilla!

But this game deserves an honest, 4/5 for its graphics. They are really well colored and the details on many of the monsters are remarkable. For example the scales on King Ghidorah look so detailed and the details on Mothra’s wings look great especially for a Super Nintendo game, but it could have that little “oomph” that would help send it over the edge. The background seem a little generic.


The storyline is pretty general no specifics, this is one of the downfalls even a bad storyline like Destroy All Monsters would helped but its reasonable just plain fight and beat up: 2.5/5. It get’s boring, but it’s fun to play. As I said it is boring because all your doing is fighting through the all the monsters on the roster then fighting some boss monster at the end. Easily some more detail could have been throw in on there. Even if it was just saying Godzilla is raiding Tokyo that would at least throw a little background into the whole situation.


First and only 2-D fighter in the Godzilla Series should have been released on US SNES consoles but sadly it wasn’t. Great multilplayer and everything else. 3.5/5 As I said the with the story it doest get fun, but becomes tedious after all the other characters. Same thing of just fighting them, but the only thing that changes is the character your using. But, the bulk of it’s fun comes from the multiplayer which to does get boring, but is a great lasting experience for a pick up and play game here and there.


Great Characters like Mecha-Godzilla 1 and 2, theres Mothra, and exclusive to only this game which is Biollante which is awesome to see Mothra or other monsters beat Biollante which wasn’t seen in movies. Great choice and cast of characters. Some monsters in this game never made an appearance in the future Godzilla games until Unleased for the Wii and Playstation 2. But, the characters are great and they’re move sets are all different so the variety is there and combos are needed to help win. This is back in the day when button mashing was not going to win any trophies.



Recommended for a Godzilla fan, more recommended over Super Godzilla! Other than the game needing to be an import it is still a great game and I recommend anyone to get it if you can find it. It’s a great recommended play it will last a while and any godzilla fan must own this especially with how entertaining it is to play on a Super Nintendo this vinatage imported game. The overall catching of the pokemon will be observed when the players will Buy pokemon go accounts. A premium subscription can be taken through the players for effective playing at accounts.

Four Ways To Overcome a Business Set Back

A business set back is anything that negatively impacts your business. It includes things like losing clients and losing zoning permission. If you do not plan ahead for possible business set backs or if you fail to address set backs quickly, your small business can take a nose dive and perish. Fortunately, dealing with business set backs is not as difficult as you might think.

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead for Probable Set Backs

One of the best ways to deal with a business set back is to plan ahead for them. You need to think about what set backs could occur and then plan for an alternative course of action. For example, if you are putting together a real estate deal the probably set backs will include funding problems, zoning problems and legal problems related to the acquisition and utilization of the real estate property. You can plan ahead for these probable set backs by adding a time buffer to your initial plan that will give you extra time if you need it to rework a deal or wait for problems to be resolved. You may also want to find an alternative lender in case the first option falls through.

Tip #2 – Deal With Set Backs ASAP

The worst thing that you can do when you experience a business set back is to do nothing. You need to take immediate action when you have a set back. First you need to identify why the set back occurred and then to find an alternative action that will get your business moving forward again.

Then you need to conduct a SWOT analysis on how and where you went wrong and learn from those mistakes so that they are not repeated ever again as doing so would no longer be a mistake but a blunder, which can have serious consequences. If there is any confusion, it is best to take a rfp success training to be on the safer side as that will increase self confidence for future projects.

Tip #3 – Fix Internal Problems

When you have a set back you need to identify why it occurred. If the problem has to do with internal company problems then you need to fix them. For example, if your set back has to do with being denied credit then the problem may be that you don’t have the right credit history to qualify. To fix this problem you will need to improve your credit history and score by paying down debt, establishing an on time payment history and perhaps gaining an ally that has an established business credit history that is more favorable.

Tip #4 – Get Help from a Professional

Many set backs are caused by professional inexperience. The only way to overcome the problems that led to your set back is to gain the experience or expertise that you lack. You can do this by taking classes and by hiring professionals to guide your business activities. For example, your set back may have been caused by being turned down for a business loan. The denial of your loan most likely was due to the fact that you didn’t know how to put together a professional business plan or to pitch your business idea to the lender. You can work with a financial planner or CPA to put together a business plan and then be coached on how to present an idea to a lender so that they will approve your application.

Five Ways To Update Your Wardrobe This Fall

There are many ways to update your wardrobe easily and affordably this fall. Just add versatile pieces like an updated cardigan with contemporary styling, a classic short jacket, skinny pants, a metallic handbag or a slim belt.

These are the items that are considered the height of fashion and have been so for a long time and therefore, they form an indispensable part of your wardrobe, which is their home and every home requires cleaning, white washing and renovating at regular intervals and wardrobe is no exception. So given below are certain luxurytastic honest reviews on how to do so.

Cardigan. Cardigans are one of the surprise fashion stars of fall 2009. Contemporary cardigans come in a wide range of styles and patterns. A versatile choice that will work just as well in the office as at the grocery store is Talbots’ cotton/merino wool buckled cardigan. This tailored, yet casual look combines the utility of a jacket with the comfort of a sweater. Choose from five colors (valley green, red berry, harvest, palomino, and pine cone). For more information go to

Short Jacket. Layering is a great way to stretch your fall wardrobe and create new looks. In addition, it’s a practical way to dress for fall days that can range from frosty and cool to Indian summer warm. A short jacket is a fashion staple for contemporary layering. One classic jacket option is Banana Republic’s corduroy one-button jacket in city beige, black or menswear blue ( This must-have style has a slim, feminine silhouette, and the cotton fabric includes a touch of elastane for comfort and a perfect fit.

Skinny Pants. Skinny (and even super skinny) pants were among the fashion basics featured in the fall 2009 designer collections, and this is a look that has quickly spread at the mall. Update your wardrobe this fall with a pair of skinny denim jeans. One good choice is J. Crew’s matchstick jeans ( jeans), which incorporate a touch of stretch for comfort and a perfect fit. They come in dark rinse wash. Wear these jeans with a contemporary cardigan or short, fitted jacket (see above).

Metallic Handbag. Metallic handbags sparkled in the fall 2009 handbag collections. These bags, while great for an evening out, work just as well during the day. One standout is J. Crew’s lexi metallic clutch ( metallic). What sets this oversized clutch apart is its color palette, which includes gorgeous metallic shades of spring daisy and light turquoise, as well as metallic silver. Also, it comes with a removable, convertible strap so that you can wear it as a messenger bag or over your shoulder, as well as carrying it as a clutch.

Wide Belt. One of the most versatile fashion accessories for updating your wardrobe this fall is the skinny belt like Banana Republic’s skinny studded version ( Dress up cardigan sweaters, jackets, dresses and even t-shirts with this eye-catching accessory. Choose from three colors, steel gray, metallic or brown.

How to Swim the Freestyle Stroke

Freestyle is the first stroke most people learn when learning how to swim. I have swam competitively for 13 years, and I know that with the appropriate instruction and practice, mastering the freestyle stroke is possible for anyone at any age.

The most important part of an effective freestyle stroke is correct body position. The principle is largely based on physics: If you pick your head up, your feet will sink. If you put your head down, facing the bottom of the pool, your feet will rise. The key is to keep your body parallel to the bottom of the pool, in a horizontal position. This will eliminate drag, increase speed, and make it easier to maintain good technique. The technique of adult done by TriFactor related to swimming will be beneficial for long time. The positioning of the body will be correct through the joining of the respective classes. 

The arms are just as important as the legs, which many people fail to recognize. The goal is to pull as much water as possible with each stroke. When your arm enters the air, the elbow should bend, making the arm look like a “shark fin” until the fingertips touch the water. When your arm enters the water, extend your hand so that your body rolls until you are almost on your side–this will allow you to reach to your maximum potential, pulling more water than if you were to start pulling water when you were on your stomach. The movement of the arm throughout the water is much like half of a keyhole shape–around, slightly in, and quickly out. The fastest, most powerful part of the stroke is when your hand is pulling water right before it enters the air again. Your fingertips might even extend out of the water, with your palm facing up, if you pull hard enough. The freestyle arm stroke is alternating–when one arm is moving through the air, the other arm is pulling water, and vice versa.

The legs are indeed a powerful aspect of the freestyle stroke. Many beginning swimmers make the mistake of bending their knees when trying to make “big kicks”, which actually pulls them backwards. The legs should stay straight, toes should be pointed. This leg position creates the most efficient movement throughout the water. Also, remember that the legs function independently of the arms. Keep a fast, steady kick and do NOT try to match leg movement with arm movement–it looks funny and will slow you down.

Breathing is another important aspect of freestyle. When you need air, do NOT pick your head up. Instead, turn your head to the side, almost using your extended arm in the water as a “pillow” for your head. The other arm should be in the air, bent at the elbow, but not yet past the head. By the time your arm passes your head, you should be finished taking a breath and your face should be looking at the bottom of the pool once again.

Freestyle can be fun and easy with the right technique. Follow these instructions and practice daily to a freestyle stroke that will impress your friends!

Making Your First Trip To a Spa An Enjoyable Experience

I hear so much today about weekends away at Spas and it seems to me that it has become more of a necessity than a luxury when you consider our plugged-in, wired, high speed, always on the go society. When it comes to relieving stress a weekend Spa trip does the trick.

How does one go about deciding which Spa though? It is best to rely on reputation and your own personal tastes and needs when making that decision. The Day Spa Association recommends that you consider the following when trying to determine the quality of the day Spa you choose.

  1. Environment. When you walk in, do you feel immediately relaxed? Are your senses stimulated or calmed by colors, fragrances and sounds? Do you feel welcome? Does the spa offer private rooms for massage or other treatments?
  2. Licenses. Are the technicians all licensed professionals? Don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Products. Does the spa sell the products they use? If so, you can continue your spa experience at home.
  4. Massages offered. Does this spa keep up on the latest trends? Don’t be shy about asking spa personnel to explain the differences between shiatsu, stone or sports massage.
  5. Treatments offered. A good spa should offer several face and body treatments on their services menu, including facials, waxing and body wraps (seaweed, mud, clay).

An emphasis should also be put on health. It’s a good idea to look for a Spa that incorporates wellness into the experience. Therapeutic Effects founder Joe Robertson has a wealth of expertise with years of experience in the industry. His has been to blend the essence of wellness and tranquility in a serene and inviting atmosphere that would leave the client feeling rejuvenated and beautiful inside and out.

It’s always a good idea to tour a Spa facility before committing yourself. When touring a Spa look for those that offer the ambiance you need. Ask for a tour and see if the facility feels comfortable to you. Ask for a brochure or menu, investigate the types of services offered and see if they can accommodate what you need. A good spa should tantalize your senses with great aromas and beautiful surroundings.

Here are five popular types of spas from which to choose:

  1. The Club Spa: Forget about having your nails and hair done, and prepare to sweat it out. These spas are for fitness.
  2. Cruise Ship Spa: You’ll pay top dollar when you’re aboard a cruise ship for spa services, but you’ll feel so pampered.
  3. Destination Spa: This is an overall heath and fitness spa, focusing on improving your total well-being. You’ll stay on-site and learn to revamp your diet and exercise regimen, and focus on inner beauty and total relaxation.
  4. Resort Hotel Spa: Nestled within a posh resort or hotel, you’ll find professionals happy to administer a smorgasbord of services and cuisine.

There is always the Day Spa for those who desire a bit of pampering closer to home; the day spa is just the ticket. For a fool day of a la carte treatment, the day spa might offer any of the aforementioned services and more. They are great for special occasions, for gift giving or when you just want to be kind or queen for the day.

It might be a good idea to learn the spa lingo, it isn’t as hard you might think and, you really do want to know what they are about to do to you without having to ask too many questions. Who wants to go to a high priced spa and not look like they belong?

Here are a few basic body treatments:

  1. Para Fango treatment:

A dehydrated mud containing minerals and converted plant particles, mixed with paraffin. This treatment is melted and applied all over your body, enhancing circulation. It is believed to relieve sore muscles and joint discomfort.

  1. Seaweed scrub:

Pure almond oil and sea salt is mixed with dulse seaweed powder, and then applied to the body to exfoliate. The paste is lightly massaged off with water. With the scrub, the healing herbs for holistic self care will help in self building of a good immune system. It will reduce the chances of digestive problems in the body. The dose will be prescribed through the experts for the person.

  1. De-stress cocoon body treatment:

Exfoliation and body massage are combined through this treatment utilizing cocoon massage balm with shea butter and relaxing essential oils.

  1. Stone massage:

This technique combines the native tradition of warm rocks with massage. The stones are strategically placed on certain points of the body and flat stones are incorporated into the massage oil. This style of massage originated in Arizona and has quickly caught on as a method to paving the road to inner tranquility.

Breast Cancer Prevention Facts Women Need to Know

As much air time as breast cancer gets on television, radio, and in magazines one would think that women, especially over the age of forty, are armed with knowledge and on-board with regular mammograms. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Keeping the buzz about breast cancer alive and assisting in educating other women is a responsibility that every woman should find a time and place to own. Chances are that you know someone’s life that has been touched or radically changed by breast cancer. We must all work together to help educate and encourage each other.

According to the American Cancer Society, the chance of developing breast cancer increases almost tenfold once a woman reaches the age of forty. The risk of breast cancer is not, however, limited by age. It is another sad fact that the number of women under the age of forty diagnosed with breast cancer continues to increase.

A number of factors impact a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer including weight, heredity, and lifestyle. There isn’t anything you can do about your genetic disposition or your age, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet may help reduce your risk of breast cancer. Along with your healthy lifestyle, you can also try gynecomastia exercise that are really effective in order to keep your body in shape especially the upper half of your body. It is really important that you pay attention to your body in order to keep yourself safe from breast cancer. 

According to Douglas Yee, M.D., director of the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota, “Regular physical activity reverses the effects of high insulin and estrogen levels- both of which have been linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.” Research suggests that an active lifestyle beginning as young as age 12 may significantly decrease the risk of developing breast cancer.

You don’t have to go all-out and join a gym. Simple activities such as walking, jogging, and in-home exercise routines help keep you fit and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Avoid carcinogens, as much as possible. When eating grilled foods marinate them overnight in teriyaki or turmeric-garlic sauce to reduce carcinogenic compounds. Pay attention to total nutrition and diet, incorporating organic foods when possible. Increase the intake of calcium and vitamin D as it is believed to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Recently, it has been determined that a reduction in fat consumption and total body fat will reduce the risk of breast cancer and recurrence of cancer in women who previously had breast cancer.

Self-exams and breast screenings by professionals are a must. Be aware of your body, including changes in your breasts and a general sense of well-being. Have an annual mammogram, especially if you are over the age of forty. If your breasts are particularly dense ask for an MRI if a mammogram is negative or inconclusive. Be your own healthcare advocate when it comes to breast cancer screening.

Among the best and most important defenses for all women against the deadly disease is awareness. Women must share knowledge and help increase awareness of breast cancer and the fact that it can strike at any age. You can help increase awareness by participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October, but don’t limit your efforts at raising awareness to one month of the year.

Participate in fundraising efforts. Join over one million runners in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Give charity gift cards that can be donated by the recipient to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Share support and encouragement with those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Participate in online forums, like the one established by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, that are informational and supportive.

What Not to Do on a Blind Date

Dates come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you will find yourself on a date with a person whom you have literally known your entire life. Other times it might be someone whom you have recently met and with whom you are still in the process of building a friendship. At still other times you may meet up with someone whom you do not know at all, or only have had very few interactions with. In such cases, you will need to add a few cautions to ensure that you, as a woman, will remain safe.

Sadly, women are very vulnerable when it comes to being victims of violent crimes, especially sexual assaults and date rape. At the same time, you cannot be hiding out in your home, unwilling to or petrified of setting foot outside your door. The trick is to avoid certain situations that spell trouble while setting yourself up for a successful date in the meantime. Here are some safety tips for women on what not to do on a blind date!

Do not go blind into the situation. So Aunt Helga thinks that you guys will hit it off marvelously. Great! Ask her what makes her so sure that you and the mystery man will click. Pump her for as much information as she can give you, including the name of his employer, how long he has held down the job, if he is divorced, and various other details of his personal life. Do not consider this gossiping but instead a medium for forming your opinion of this individual. If he sounds unstable and seems to have a history of relationship break ups, it does not matter that he is nice to little old ladies like Aunt Helga, the odds are good that you do not want to date him.

Do not let someone guilt you into meeting in person too soon. For example, if you have met a wonderful man over the Internet, do not give in if he insists that you should meet in person within just a few days of emailing one another back and forth. Wait until you feel comfortable. If he is so eager and does not want to wait, maybe he needs to move on to someone who is more desperate than you to meet. Take your time until you feel you know him a bit better. Discuss some controversial topics – politics and religion are always guaranteed to get a rise out of someone – and see how he handles dissent. If he suddenly resorts to name calling, belittling you or others who do not share his opinion, or begins to preach, you know what you are in for and can take it from there.

Do not rely on your blind date for transportation. Instead, have cab fare or bus money stashed away. It is best if you are independent in this respect so that you do not have to worry if he keeps asking the waiter for a refill of his wine glass at dinner. Do not drink alcohol. It is a well known fact that the first thing affected by booze is the ability to form sound judgments.

Booze will only lead to you getting carried away where you forget the sense of right and wrong as it completely distills your fear and moral code and leads you to believe that anything you do is right and your insolent behavior will make your date uncomfortable and before you realize it, the last nail in the coffin will be hammered and you won’t even have time to repent on it. For safety sakes, do consult the okcupid dating app to get some general tips on how to manage blind dates.

While ordinarily you would never consent to getting into a virtual stranger’s car and taking a drive up to the mountains to look at the stars, under the influence of a few drinks this may sound like a great idea! Speaking of drinks, do not leave your drink – whatever it may be – unattended.