Myths About Tattoo Removal At Home

Despite the invention of tattoo removal creams like Tktx, millions of people still look for home remedies that can help them with tattoo removal. Over the last decade, different tattooing methods have drastically evolved which is if you are trying to remove tattoos all by yourself you should stop as soon as you can. 

There are not that many creams and ointments that are approved by the FDA, which is why most of these creams and kits are highly dangerous for your skin. In this article, we are going to look at the different home remedies used all across the globe for tattoo removal and how effective and safe these methods are in reality. 


Salabrasion is a process in which the outer layer of your skin is removed and thereafter rubbed in salt. The entire process is extremely dangerous and does not even work when it comes to tattoo removal. In addition to all the pain and scarring that you face the process of salabrasion can result in different skin infections. 

Aloe vera and Yogurt

Another ineffective yet popular tattoo removal process includes the use of Aloe vera and yogurt together. Although, this trend is not that dangerous as both these elements are completely safe and natural but there is no proof that this actually works when it comes to tattoo removal. 


In order to copy the effects that we get from professional dermabrasion, there are many people that try to remove tattoos by rubbing sand on their skin. Another dangerous and ineffective method that results in rashes, cuts, and potential infections. 

Lemon Juice

Lastly, we have lemon juice which is used by many people for tattoo removal. Although lemon juice is effective in skin lightening, it is completely ineffective when it comes to tattoo removal. The acidity of lemons can damage the sensitivity of your skin as well. 

These are 4 popular yet ineffective home remedies that people follow as they try to get rid of tattoos on their bodies.