Making Your First Trip To a Spa An Enjoyable Experience

I hear so much today about weekends away at Spas and it seems to me that it has become more of a necessity than a luxury when you consider our plugged-in, wired, high speed, always on the go society. When it comes to relieving stress a weekend Spa trip does the trick.

How does one go about deciding which Spa though? It is best to rely on reputation and your own personal tastes and needs when making that decision. The Day Spa Association recommends that you consider the following when trying to determine the quality of the day Spa you choose.

  1. Environment. When you walk in, do you feel immediately relaxed? Are your senses stimulated or calmed by colors, fragrances and sounds? Do you feel welcome? Does the spa offer private rooms for massage or other treatments?
  2. Licenses. Are the technicians all licensed professionals? Don’t be afraid to ask.
  3. Products. Does the spa sell the products they use? If so, you can continue your spa experience at home.
  4. Massages offered. Does this spa keep up on the latest trends? Don’t be shy about asking spa personnel to explain the differences between shiatsu, stone or sports massage.
  5. Treatments offered. A good spa should offer several face and body treatments on their services menu, including facials, waxing and body wraps (seaweed, mud, clay).

An emphasis should also be put on health. It’s a good idea to look for a Spa that incorporates wellness into the experience. Therapeutic Effects founder Joe Robertson has a wealth of expertise with years of experience in the industry. His has been to blend the essence of wellness and tranquility in a serene and inviting atmosphere that would leave the client feeling rejuvenated and beautiful inside and out.

It’s always a good idea to tour a Spa facility before committing yourself. When touring a Spa look for those that offer the ambiance you need. Ask for a tour and see if the facility feels comfortable to you. Ask for a brochure or menu, investigate the types of services offered and see if they can accommodate what you need. A good spa should tantalize your senses with great aromas and beautiful surroundings.

Here are five popular types of spas from which to choose:

  1. The Club Spa: Forget about having your nails and hair done, and prepare to sweat it out. These spas are for fitness.
  2. Cruise Ship Spa: You’ll pay top dollar when you’re aboard a cruise ship for spa services, but you’ll feel so pampered.
  3. Destination Spa: This is an overall heath and fitness spa, focusing on improving your total well-being. You’ll stay on-site and learn to revamp your diet and exercise regimen, and focus on inner beauty and total relaxation.
  4. Resort Hotel Spa: Nestled within a posh resort or hotel, you’ll find professionals happy to administer a smorgasbord of services and cuisine.

There is always the Day Spa for those who desire a bit of pampering closer to home; the day spa is just the ticket. For a fool day of a la carte treatment, the day spa might offer any of the aforementioned services and more. They are great for special occasions, for gift giving or when you just want to be kind or queen for the day.

It might be a good idea to learn the spa lingo, it isn’t as hard you might think and, you really do want to know what they are about to do to you without having to ask too many questions. Who wants to go to a high priced spa and not look like they belong?

Here are a few basic body treatments:

  1. Para Fango treatment:

A dehydrated mud containing minerals and converted plant particles, mixed with paraffin. This treatment is melted and applied all over your body, enhancing circulation. It is believed to relieve sore muscles and joint discomfort.

  1. Seaweed scrub:

Pure almond oil and sea salt is mixed with dulse seaweed powder, and then applied to the body to exfoliate. The paste is lightly massaged off with water. With the scrub, the healing herbs for holistic self care will help in self building of a good immune system. It will reduce the chances of digestive problems in the body. The dose will be prescribed through the experts for the person.

  1. De-stress cocoon body treatment:

Exfoliation and body massage are combined through this treatment utilizing cocoon massage balm with shea butter and relaxing essential oils.

  1. Stone massage:

This technique combines the native tradition of warm rocks with massage. The stones are strategically placed on certain points of the body and flat stones are incorporated into the massage oil. This style of massage originated in Arizona and has quickly caught on as a method to paving the road to inner tranquility.