How To Help Dogs With Constipation

Just like humans, dogs “sometimes” suffer through a bout of constipation. I stress the word sometimes because it’s not very common that dogs have constipation. As I said earlier that their digestive system defers quite greatly to ours. But when they do, it’s no fun for them.

If no other symptoms (i.e. blocked urethra) accompany the constipation and if it only lasts a day or two, then generally you can treat it at home. But as always, if your intuition is telling you something is wrong, always call your vet. Better safe than sorry!

Note: The dosages I stated below are for smaller breed dogs. Always consult your vet for proper dosage.

5 Remedies to Ease Constipation

Canned Pumpkin. Most dogs enjoy eating it. Give about one tablespoon alone or add it into his meal. Milk. Most dogs are lactose intolerance. On normal days, I don’t recommend giving dogs milk. However when emergency calls, milk is your dog’s best friend. Give your dog about 2 – 3 ounces twice daily until improvement shown. Oat Bran. Sprinkle some oat bran into his wet diet. Otherwise you have to add warm broth to his kibbles to help make the bran easier to get down. Start with one teaspoon and gradually increase up 2 tablespoons or until result improves. Metamucil. Psyllium is one of the main ingredients in Metamucil and similar products. Metamucil contains psyllium seed husks which pull water into the stool and help move it along. Give half a teaspoon twice daily. It can also be added into his diet. Make sure that he gets plenty of water so that the psyllium doesn’t set in his stomach. My recommendation would to use Natural Moves as it contains no artificial ingredients which makes it super safe for our dogs.

For good measure, you can add cbd for dogs as Cannabinoid is an excellent product that comes from marijuana from hilly areas where the climate is calm and cool so that the positive effects are instantaneous that would be greatly beneficial if it is used at regular intervals and since it is natural, there are no artificial ingredients in CBD Oil which is why it is an excellent choice that relaxes the muscles and eases the side effects of constipation thereby making bowel movements easy.

4 Preventive Tips for Constipation

Fiber. Having a high-fiber diet on a regular basis certainly helps solve the problem. If you’re feeding kibbles, look at those package labels that have at least 5% of fiber contain. Solid Gold Dry Dog Food is one of the brands that has 5% of crude fiber, except for Holistique Blendz and Barking at the moon which have only 4%. For those dogs on home cooked meals, one third of the food portion should contain vegetables. Any supplements you give should have no less than 10% of fiber contain. If your dog enjoy eating cut apples and pears, raw carrots and celery, broccoli with melted cheese topping as snacks, by all means give it to him. Water. Our dogs need water as much as we do, the amount they need varies from breeds. Water is important to keeping our dog’s digestive system healthy.

If Fido is on kibbles diet, naturally he will be thirstier than those who are on canned food and home cooked meals. Therefore, always have fresh water available within easy reach, areas in the home where he frequently at. Don’t forget to place one at the porch or balcony. Discard the remaining at the end of the day. You don’t want to be harvesting mosquitoes breeding. :no: Walk. If you’re walking your dog twice a day, then you may have to increase one to two more each day. Also increase the distance or the amount of time spent during the walk. By increase the frequency of his walk, it will prevent Fido from holding it in for too long. The longer he keeps it in, the harder and drier the poop gets. Exercises keep ‘things’ moving in the right direction. :yes: Bone Treats. Whether it’s biscuit bone or raw bone, refrain from giving it too often. During the constipation period, total abstinence. Food like ribs or other crunchable bones can cause blockage inside. Give only those that are chewable but not edible.