Food Delivery Apps Are Booming While Their Workers Are Often Struggling

During the corona pandemic, most of the people their jobs and become unemployed. People had faced great financial difficulty in lockdown days. So they have very few options left, such as food delivery for cash near me; people shifted they are working to these food delivery apps to earn their livings. Some popular food delivery apps like Uber eats, doordash have been in great demand from people working from home.

But delivery drivers who have been working hard to feed people and keeping them safe from the pandemic are themselves facing great difficulties. Their working conditions have gotten worse than before. Some of the significant issues they face are as follows.

  • Generally, the restaurant does not allow the delivery drivers to use their bathrooms and forced them to carry a plastic bottle with them.
  • The delivery drivers are given a minimum wage, and they are not offered any additional benefits such as petrol charges or health insurance.
  • Some food delivery drivers also said, dad, not all apps provide them all of their tips, and there are times when these apps also deduct these steps from their pay.
  • Home some good days, these drivers make enough money even by working 5 to six hours of the day, while on other days, they can make only $40 a day. Therefore their wages are not fixed. They get according to the delivery orders they get.
  • Opting delivery drivers service also cause great expense. The drivers had to purchase an electric bicycle worth $2000, a helmet, 2 locks for the bike, a tote bag for postmates.

At last, the delivery drivers also say that the wages are not good, but they don’t have any other option of good jobs to earn their living. Therefore they must work hard and survive the best way they can.