Create Your Custom Candy Jar With More Than A Hundred Varieties Of Sweets

We let you choose upto ten different sweets, chocolates, or fudge from a variety of more than a hundred options that you can select for your pouch. The best part is that we many retro sweets and candies you might not easily find in stores. These confectioneries are picked fresh from the factories on exclusive orders.

We deliver these candies fresh and packed in air-tight sealed packets and also provide a gift wrap facility. In a pick n mix option, you get to choose only the type of candy; we try to distribute each selection quantity evenly but cannot promise an equal amount.

Retro American Sweets For Your Sweet Nostalgic Memories

While going through our range of chocolates and candies, you would come across many from your past that you might not find quickly now in native stores. For your convenience, here is a list of a few confectioneries from the past that will make you look out for our favorite candy in our catalog and give a treat to your taste buds.

  • Remember the fruity flavored lover heart-shaped candies from Swizzels Matlow are available in different pack sizes.
  • Dip dab, which is a sherbet-filled lollipop with a sweet and tangy taste at the same time, will take you down memory lane.
  • Candy necklaces, rainbow drops, fizz wiz, and the very impressive ABC letters are all available for you to try.

Whether your love was candy, a lollipop, a chocolate bar, or fudge, we possibly have it all.

Free Delivery For Your Jar Of Sweets On Orders Above 35 Pounds

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about delivery charges, because it is free on orders above 35pounds. We have different sizes or packs available for making your custom jar of candy. One can also choose from pre-defined packets, which come in default factory-made sizes.