Business On Cleaning Up The Rust Antirealism

Of course, you’ve heard the saying “the money is lying under my feet”, but certainly not delved into its meaning. Then let’s get together and consider one interesting business idea suggested by this website when you can make money on another way to live and work, creates serious problems and causes to bear huge costs. We offer You to make money on… rust and its frequent companion – lime plaque.

This is not a sweet “couple” – the age-old trouble of heating and water supply systems, boiler beach, TPP, industrial enterprises, and system utilities. You probably saw whitish limescale on dishes, kettle, and washing machine.

The need for tool cleaning rust

Now imagine the same thing, only on a huge industrial scale – the picture is bleak, especially since lime deposits every day can accumulate on the walls of the conducting tubes. As a result, the lumen of the pipe narrows, the whole pipeline to fail and require costly repairs or complete replacement.

Even worse in boiler mineral deposits and rust within boilers and heat exchange units reduces the efficiency of equipment, increases fuel consumption by up to 20% – as a result, businesses are forced to spend significant amounts on maintenance and repair of equipment.

The effect of entering the mine

Let’s make some simple calculations. When the thickness of the layer of rust and lime deposits 1-6 mm average monthly boiler is forced to consume fuel in excess of 1 135 854 RUB. That is by simply removing boiler deposits can save in a year, more than 13 million rubles!

So why still the boilers are forced to lose millions just because of the fact that on the walls of the units appear in mineral deposits and rust?

The answer is simple: the ideal way of dealing with this phenomenon does not exist. All mechanical and chemical methods that are used today for cleaning boilers from rust and scale are far from perfect: they are either ineffective or damage the surface of the metal or require removal of equipment. That is why often the boilers and piping workwear – that is, until you become worthless. Then they just changed to a new one – and a lot of money.

However, introduced an important amendment: the perfect way to eliminate limescale and rust did not exist until recently. From the moment when one of the residential high-rise buildings of Tomsk has been tested a new tool “Antirain”, the problem of removing rust and mineral deposits in the pipes was solved brilliantly!

And brilliant in the truest sense: a unique drug that ran through the pipes, in just 24 hours easily dissolved thick 6-millimeter layers of patina and rust, after which no residue was washed with water, leaving a smooth surface. Moreover, the substance enveloped the cleaned surface and prevent the formation of new layers of plaque.

The experts were amazed: the entire plumbing system is in perfect condition, although it dealt with the full replacement of pipes! The economic benefit is obvious! Then a number of similar experiments were conducted in the areas of large industrial enterprises and railway trains.

A unique product of the Tomsk company “Novokhim”, developed on the basis of Tomsk invented by chemists substances “glyoxal”, quickly gained popularity among enterprises and municipal services of the city. Leaders who know how to count money immediately realized the benefit of using “Interavia”: a new drug has helped to reduce the costs of repair and replacement of piping and heating equipment dozens of times!

How to make money on rust?

If You decide to open your own business and become an indispensable person for the largest Russian enterprises and public utilities, we offer You to become a certified representative of the company “Novokhim”.

You can become our sales representative, to obtain a starter package of products and the status of our official representative, as well as required documents, manuals and advertising materials. When implementing “Interavia” wholesale and retail buyers, the difference in price becomes Your profit.

If You select a certified professional after passing the training and certification You will receive a certificate of specialized training and access to work with “Antirealism”. In this case, Your income will consist of net profit from sales and the cost of services for cleaning.

Why “Antirain” is a profitable business?

Many budding businessmen are frightened by the competition. So, implementing “Antirain”, no competition does not threaten You – simply because this unique tool is not! And will not be as secret glycosuria known only to specialists “Novokhim”.

In addition, Your services are now in need of a wide range of customers: industrial enterprises, construction companies, utilities, energy, and private individuals.