Best Types Of Weed Medical Marijuana And More

The best types of weed are indica sativa crosses, usually about 60 percent indica 40 percent sativa. The indica strain gives the plant the ability to grow large buds with heavy odor, while the sativa will increase the flavor of the weed. The best types of weed to represent this opinion are Northern Lights, Lemon Diesel, or Sour Diesel. Lemon diesel being one of the best types of weed because of its citrus smell, tight buds, and remarkable aftertastes, which leaves a zesty flavor on your pallet. Its lighter green color is indicative of its sativa cross. Sour diesel on the other hand carries over a dark green into its color, from the indica. While the sativa inside of Lemon diesel provides a nice heady high, with a mellow body feel.Sour Diesel is another one of the best types of weed.

Being mostly an indica it has a strong musky odor and dark color, almost like sage. It carries a heavy high, relaxing to the body. Being one of the best types of weed Sour Diesel has a musky flavor, very earthy. It’s one of those kinds of weed that make you want to grab a bite to eat, and curl up next to a nice fire for a nap. Sleep is a definite side effect for some of the best types of weed. On occasion there are the types of weed however that will lift you up, such as the Northern Lights.Northern lights is one of the best types of weed because its pleasant frosty looks. A very showy weed covered in white crystal, with abundant hairs, and a very pleasant odor. Bordering on a piney smell, with a light pine flavor. Northern Lights is a northern California strain of marijuana.

Which is a great region for marijuana growth, and produces some of the best types of weed including Northern Lights. Northern California produces a large majority of some of the best types of weed, to the entire west coast. Humboldt county and Mendocino county are two of the premier growing communities for such weeds.Further to the North West grows Matatuska Tudra or “ATF” if you have ever heard that term. One of the best types of weed that Alaska has to offer. It is grown in the Matanuska valley of Alaska, hence its name. It posses almost a brown color, with odd pinkish colored hairs, much like premature weed, not like the best type weed that it is.

While the looks of this brain buster may be lacking, its smell is robust and refreshing. Once you have smoked Matanuska Tundra however, you will instantly understand why it is one of the best types of weed. The will provide the best quality of weeds and with different types. There are different options and deals available at the store. The look of the people will become attractive and impressive for the consumers. The purchasing of the best types is possible for the people.