Baby Talk Why Your New Addition Needs An Organic Mattress

If you’re like expectant parents I know, the news of your upcoming arrival probably delivered a mixed bag of emotions from sheer joy to sheer terror (and all the shades in between). The nine months before you meet the newest member of your family can seem like a mad dash to make sure everything is just right, down to every last detail. Yet, in the rush to get ready, many new parents pay little attention to what is, perhaps, the most important detail of all: their baby’s bed. Maybe it’s because our folks didn’t have much of a choice whereas today’s infant can take its pick between organic and non organic mattresses made of things like natural latex, wool and cotton, and even, bamboo.

Does all of this sound just about as coherent as baby talk? Shhh! Don’t cry! I’ve put together a few of the ABCs of why organic mattresses are a baby’s best friend, giving you a few less things to worry about. Read ‘em and (don’t) weep:

The best twin mattress is also available for the babies. The stuff of the mattresses is organic to offer complete comfort and convenience to the baby. You can have a talk with the experts and professionals to buy the best mattress for the babies. It will provide the best results. 

Why shouldn’t I bring my baby home to a non organic crib mattress?

Very few parents I know are eager to wrap their newborn in formaldehyde, styrene, and petroleum. Yet, that’s exactly what they’re doing when they lay Baby down on a non organic mattress. In order to meet fire test requirements, non organic crib mattresses are doused in a wide array of unregulated chemicals, many of which have been found to cause long-term effects on children’s neurological development. Some researchers have even found links between the chemicals used in non organic mattresses and rates of autism and attention deficit disorder.

What specific benefits does an organic mattress offer my little one?

Natural latex is derived from a tree not a factory. Therefore, when Baby is sleeping on an organic mattress made with natural latex, harmful chemicals are nowhere to be found. And, not only are natural latex mattresses free of fearsome toxins, they also resist common allergens that will irritate your baby’s airways, like mold and mildew. Plus, organic mattresses incorporating natural latex and wool will breathe better, meaning that even if your little one sweats or has a diaper disaster, they won’t be sleeping on a bacteria-harboring bed.

Can an organic mattress really help my infant sleep through the night?

Natural latex mattresses is firm and supportive without being overly resistant: a combination that prevents your baby from rolling around in its sleep. If your newborn is sleeping soundly, he or she is far less likely to end up on his or her tummy: a position that doctors and scientists link to SIDS fatalities. Furthermore, by supporting the spine and encouraging your baby’s proper alignment while slumbering, organic mattresses made with natural latex encourage deeper, healthier sleep. Exhausted Moms and Dads rejoice! Organic mattresses to the rescue!

Remember, during the first year, your baby will spend more time sleeping than doing anything else. (Unfortunately, the same is not true for you.) Forget the fancy formula, Baby Einstein videos, and elaborate crib toys. The most important thing you can buy for your bundle of joy is an organic mattress. And, while your little one is nestled atop its natural latex bed, you can be sure that you will rest a little easier, as well.